Board of Directors

Nance Powers


Nance Powers has been elected to take the reins from Shorty, her late husband and founder of Turning POINT. Over the past 35 years, she has stood in his shadow organizing the events and activities that he would think up such as the Extravaganza in 1990 and the first national bass tournament in 1985 for the physically challenged. Nance knows Shorty's vision for Turning POINT but surrounds herself with people in the know: L3, T4, C6 and a double amputee.

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Jack Hopkins


Jack is the President/CEO of Million Air in Addison, Texas. He has been with Million Air since its inception in 1984. Under Jack’s direction, Million Air has become an international franchise company and a model for many similar ventures. His efforts have been recognized by the awarding of prestigious national certifications to Million Air Dallas. Jack has served on the Turning POINT Board of Directors since 2003.

Peter DeCleva


Peter graduated from the University of North Texas with a BBA in Real Estate; he works in his family’s real estate and oil and gas investment businesses. Peter has been a participant and volunteer with Turning POINT since 1983. He joined the Board in 2006.

Wayne Leavitt

Wayne owns and manages Mobility Medical Equipment, a company that sells and rents durable medical equipment, as well as custom rehabilitation equipment. He has played wheelchair tennis in over 20 states, Puerto Rico and Canada - and is the only player in the United States to play in and attend every U.S. Open for the last 25 years. Wayne has won numerous awards in the Wheelchair Tennis Open Division, and now, Senior Division. He is married and his hobbies include hand cycling, swimming, watching sports on TV and attending local sports. Wayne has been a Board Member of Turning POINT since 2007.

Danny Scarth

Danny holds a BA from Texas Christian University and is a member of the City Council of the City of Fort Worth. He is the executive director of Hope Media, a video production and media services organization. Danny currently serves on the Board for Fort Worth’s “Score A Goal in the Classroom” and, in the past, has served on the City of Fort Worth Facilities “Master Plan Committee” and the “Gas Drilling Task Force”. Danny has been a participant and Board Member of Turning POINT since 1994.

Hal Spiegel

Professor Spiegel holds an AS from Victoria College, BS from Texas A&M, and has over 20 hours of Post Graduate studies from the University of North Texas. During his professional career he worked on the IBAX system at Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation and Designed interactive courseware as a Multimedia Instructional Software Developer for the LeCroy Center for Educational Telecommunication. Later at the LeCroy Center, Professor Spiegel was promoted Project Manager over the Distance Learning Systems which included both the Blackboard and WebCT platforms. In January of 2000 he designed the web interface to the University of Texas, Dallas, first 2 online MBA courses. Around that same time, he began teaching Web Design at Mountainview College. He also authored Navigating Blackboard, a Students Guide to Blackboard and later Navigating Blackboard, a Students Guide to Blackboard 6.0 and 5.0.

Professor Spiegel began teaching at El Centro College in 2002. While there, he taught Web Design I and II, Intermediate Web Development, Advanced Web Development, Internet and Intranet Server, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby on Rails and C++. The Multimedia courses include Audio and Video Development, 3D utilizing Lightwave and 3D MAX, Flash I and II, and Photoshop I. He also developed El Centro’s Video Game Development Program which includes courses in The Introduction to Video Game Development, 3D Video Game Graphics, Video Game Programming, and Flash 2D Game Development.

In his personal time, Professor Spiegel owns and operates a Timber Farm in East Texas and is Married and a father to 4 children.

Kent Waldrep

Kent is the founder of the American Paralysis Foundation, The Kent Waldrep National Paralysis Foundation; he was instrumental in forming the Kent Waldrep Foundation Center for Basic Neuroscience Research with the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. He was a Reagan appointee to the National Council on Disability, where he served as Vice-Chair and helped draft the Americans with Disabilities Act. Kent is a noted speaker and has received coverage in numerous publications as well as on national television

"Our mission is to develop self-esteem and confidence in the physically challenged population through participation in adapted outdoor activities"