Turning POINT History

Spring - 1979
Summer - 1980 Brazos River Trip - TX
Oct - 1980 Fishing Tournament - Caddo Lake, TX
Nov - 1981 Fishing Tournament - Caddo Lake, TX
Apr - 1982 2nd kayak class on Bachman Lake - Dallas, TX
Apr - 1982 1st scuba diving class*, Bachman Recreation Center - Dallas, TX
May - 1982 Fishing Tournament, Lake - Livingston, TX
Jun - 1982 Juniors' camp-out
Oct - 1982 Juniors' camp-out
Jun - 1983 2nd scuba diving class, Bachman Recreation Center - Dallas, TX
Jul - 1983 6-week course on water safety and activities for juniors, Bachman Recreation Center - Dallas, TX
Apr - 1984 Fishing tournament - Cedar Creek, TX
Jul - 1984 5-day kids' camp - Nacogdoches, TX
Sep - 1984 Fishing Tournament - Lake Livingston, TX
May - 1985 1st Annual National Fishing Tournament* - Caddo Lake, TX
Jun - 1985 Scuba diving class, Bachman Recreation Center - Dallas, TX
Jul - 1986 1st Sailing course* - Lake Grapevine, TX
Jan - 1988 Big Brothers deer hunt
May - 1989 1st Annual Juniors' Bream Tournament* - Caddo Lake, TX
Oct - 1988 Lake Grapevine Extravaganza – TX
Nov - 1989 Photo Excursion with photographer Peter B Kaplan Caddo Lake, TX
Jun - 1990 Annual Extravaganza - Bachman Lake, TX
Oct - 1994 1st Physically Challenged booth at Texas Parks & Wildlife Expo
Jan - 1995 1st Annual Juniors' Deer Hunt - Kerrville, TX
Jan - 1995 Team Challenge formed (6 member fishing team)
Apr - 1999 1st Annual Juniors' Turkey Hunt - Sun City, TX
Oct - 1999 Outdoors Sports Camp in cooperation with TX Parks and Wildlife - Caddo Lake, TX
May - 2001 1st Annual All Species Tournament - Caddo Lake, TX
May - 2001 1st Physically Challenged Angler's Choice Circuit Tournament - Caddo Lake, TX
*All events noted were 1st time national events for the physically challenged
Spring Camp Out – Ben Wheeler, TX
April Drum Tournament - Galveston, TX
April-May National Bass Tournament - Caddo Lake, TX
April-May All Species Tournament - Caddo Lake, TX
June Extravaganza, Bachman Lake - Dallas, TX
October Juniors' All Species Tournament, Bass Pro Shops - Garland, TX
October “Spooky” Camp-out - Ben Wheeler, TX
November Deer/Hog Hunts - East Texas
November Juniors' Deer Hunt - Kerrville, TX
Boating, Hand Cycling, Fishing, Trap Shoot
1981 Uintah Mountain Climb - 4 members received national exposure by the Hearst Newspaper. Cover photograph awarded "Best Cover Picture" by Photographer's Magazine.
1982 Mt. Guadalupe Climb (highest peak in Texas) - 6 members, 3 made it to the top. July 21, AP and UPI top story. Front page story in Mexico City, Bahamas and Canada. Jessica Savage nightly news. Received call from President Reagan. Recognition from Texas and New Mexico governors and various senators
1983 American River Trip - 8 members in conjunction with Sobek, Angels Camp, CA. Covered by UPI and televised in Sacramento, CA.
1984 BIG MAC Mississippi River Trip - 4 members, 4 days down the Mississippi River from Muscatine to Burlington, IL.
1999 Texas Parks & Wildlife Commissioner's Legend Award for Juniors' Deer Hunt - Kerrville, TX
2000 Barbara Jordan Award for Turning POINT Video.
2004 Shorty Powers was inducted into the Texas Parks and Wildlife Hall of Fame
1989 Turning POINT Resource Magazine
1986 Turning POINT Video (video about Turning POINT activities)
1999 Turning POINT Video (video about becoming physically challenged & acceptance)
2000 Turning POINT Instructional Fishing Video
1983 PM Magazine with Leeza Gibbons
1984 PM Magazine with Leeza Gibbons
1985 Airwolf with Jan Michael Vincent
1985 Talk of New York
1986 PM Magazine
1990-2003 Honey Hole (8 shows)
1993 Fishing East Texas
1995-2000 Texas Parks & Wildlife (3 shows)
1996 Fox News
1999-2001 Irving Community Television Network
1999 Paragon Cable
2000 Aqua Terra Adventures
"Our mission is to develop self-esteem and confidence in the physically challenged population through participation in adapted outdoor activities"