Learn About Turning Point

History and Mission

Turning POINT (Paraplegics On Independent Nature Trips) was founded in 1979 by Michael "Shorty" Powers. After an injury at age 17 left Shorty without the use of his legs, he began looking for opportunities to become involved in the outdoor recreational activities that he had always loved. He found no organized activities that were available to people who had major mobility impairments. Not willing to give up his love of fishing, kayaking, scuba diving and hunting. Shorty established Turning POINT to assure that outdoor actvities were readily available to people with many types of physical challenges. Turning POINT is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization designed to teach people with mobility impairments the skills necessary to fully enjoy the outdoors, and to provide free or low cost activities. Turning POINT provides the encouragement and support needed for people who have major physcial challengnes in life to fully participate in the adventure of living.

"Our mission is to develop self-esteem and confidence in the physically challenged population through participation in adapted outdoor activities"