Turning POINT

The National Chapter is the hub of Turning POINT activity, planning and hosting events and programs throughout the DFW Metroplex while providing support and guidance to the “satellite” chapters across Texas and the United States. Our first chapter, Gulf Coast, was started in 1993 and continues under the guidance of David Gaston in Galveston. Since then we have developed chapters in East Texas (Piney Woods) and North Carolina (Carolina). Due to unique interests in different locales, listed below are our Chapter locations and their specialties but not limited to:

Gulf Coast (Galveston):  Hand Cycling, Fishing, Ocean Kayaking, Sailing, Shooting Sports
North Texas:  Boating, Camping, Fishing, Hand Cycling, Hunting, Kayaking, Shooting Sports
Piney Woods (Tyler): Archery, Hunting, Shooting Sports

North Carolina:
Carolina (Mooresville):  Fishing, Hunting, Shooting Sports, Waterskiing, Wheelchair Basketball


National Events:
32nd Annual National Bass Tournament, Caddo Lake -April 29, 2017
27th Annual Extravaganza, Bachman Recreation Center - June 3, 2017

North Texas Chapter

Jason Swanson - Chapter Director - North Texas Chapter

Jason Swanson

Chapter Director

3217 Maverick
Plano, Texas 75074
Phone: 214-649-7146

Born in 1970 in Minnesota, I grew up to love a variety of outdoor sports, adding hunting to my interests after moving to South Texas. After a devastating car accident in 1987 in which left me an L3 paraplegic, I thought this chapter of my life would be closed.

After several years of being frustrated, watching from the sidelines while my able-bodied friends led “normal lives”, I was introduced to Shorty Powers at an adaptive sporting activity. There I was able to regain confidence taking part in water skiing again. This introduction sparked a friendship and an interest to work with people with similar disabilities to show them the things I had learned, that life is not over because of a life-changing experience such as paralysis.

With the help of Turning POINT and Shorty Powers, I was able to learn that the outdoors is not limited to the able-bodied population. Anyone, with the right guidance, can still engage in the activities they have always loved. With 20 years experience working with Turning POINT and physically challenged children and adults, I have learned that I can help others achieve things they never thought possible through a new-found confidence in their own abilities.

I am very excited to be involved in the growth of such a great organization as Turning POINT. My hope is that through my position as the Turning POINT North Texas Chapter Director, I will be able to show even more people that their life is not limited simply because of being physically challenged.

"Our mission is to develop self-esteem and confidence in the physically challenged population through participation in adapted outdoor activities"